The New Raspberry Pi: What you need to know

Raspberry Pi 3, Model B

Today the new Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, has just hit shelves for the same great 35$ price tag as before, but what’s new and improved?

In short, it’s faster, it has bluetooth, and it’s just as cheap.


These changes are short and sweet, yet very important.

The new Raspberry Pi is quoted as having, “10x the performance of Raspberry Pi 1” by Eben Upton, the founder of Raspberry Pi.

Eben Upton is also proud to announce that his new device features bluetooth 4.1, and wireless LAN abilities, allowing for conveinient wireless functionality out of the box.


Of course, all improvements are welcome improvements, but how do these changes affect Cercle Social’s project?

The improved speed and addition of luxurious features allow for a more diverse learning environment and give the student more tools to work with without any increased monetary demands.

We take into account that this device’s predecessors have sold millions of units, and have made a large impact on educational world, we can assume that this new and improved version will do the same.

Cercle Social for Education