Helping Develop an Interest for Programming

The Raspberry Pi provides affordable access to a fully capable computer. In its most basic form, the Pi can be used as a computer, but it can also be used in robotics and Internet of Things projects. The Internet of things is a network of devices that communicate with one another and exchange information with sensors and software. Exposing students to the single board computer from a young age can help increase computer literacy in a developing country and develop an interest for programming. The Raspberry Pi Foundation recommends Python as a language for learners.

Raspberry Pi: Flexibility in OS

The Raspberry Pi has been designed as a cost effective option for use in school environments. One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is that offers a wide variety of Operating Systems (OSs) for users to make use of in their projects, or to simply learn and tinker with. The official Raspberry Pi site ( offers free, downloadable images for nine different operating systems.

Raspberry Pi: Teaching Coding to the Young and Old Alike

Technology is changing education and employment opportunities for people across the world. Unfortunately, computers are still a luxury item for many, which often limit opportunities that people have to develop skills that will help them find work or attend school remotely. Raspberry Pi is changing this by offering small, affordable computers that plug into a computer monitor or TV and that can perform many of the tasks of a traditional desktop PC.

About Raspberry Pi

        Raspberry Pi (RPi) was first developed at the University of Cambridge at London and it is a $25 computer that fits in a palm of your hand. Literally, the computer is the size of a palm on your hand. It comes with a Linux operating system called Raspbain which can be accessed with a micro SD card. This is used because kids who cannot afford a computer and want to code, they have a chance to do so. Raspberry PI can be also used like your average computer such as programming, word processing, documents, and spreadsheets.

Making a Raspberry Pi Case out of an Altoids Tin

The standard Raspberry pi comes "naked" (without a case). The case is an accessory that needs to be purchased separately. Having a case for your Pi is highly recommended.There are great ideas on the internet, on how to make a PI case out of commonly found objects. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make a Raspberry Pi Case out of an Altoids Box.

Raspberry pi

We teach students to code

Before starting the project, 87% of interviewed students said they never touched a real computer.

778 students have registered to take the computing courses from 2012 to 2014 and the demand keeps rising. Participants have been evaluated through writing and practical exams. The analysis of these results showed a 65% improvement of grades for the second year of implementation.

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