Pi-Hole: Ad-Blocking the Raspberry Pi Way

Internet ads have become a feature of many peoples’ daily lives. While many of us have learned to deal with this nuisance, companies such as AdTrap have developed devices to block these ads from reaching devices connected to your home network – and they’re marketing them for a pretty penny. However, a new project called Pi-Hole let’s you get much the same functionality with your Raspberry Pi as a low-cost, open-source alternative.

Raspberry Pi Security: Basic Tips for Securing your Pi

Many of us are familiar with the constant stream of information surrounding the need to secure our computers; however, little thought seems to have been given to the potential need to secure our Raspberry Pi devices. When we consider the multitude of uses we have for a Raspberry Pi, as well as some of the types of access we give to them – such as security monitoring or controlling devices throughout our homes, it makes sense that we should take steps to ensure that we have at least some basic security in place.

How to Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Development Server

Toptal is a large and rapidly growing network comprised of the most thoroughly screened, talented freelance engineers and designers in the world.

The following article provided by toptal gives you detailed instructions on how to configure the Raspberry Pi into a development server.

Mobile Shipping Containers Classrooms On Kickstarter

On April 21st, 2016 Cercle Social officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Mobile Shipping Containers Classrooms. The campaign is live here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/270424420/mobile-shipping-containers-labs 

Raspberry PI featured at the African Union Headquarters in New York City

The African Union Headquarters in New York City welcomed Cercle Social on April 13th 2016. The nonprofit leaders pitched the mobile shipping container lab and the Raspberry Pi to the Power African Youth Initiative entrepreneur drive. Thank you to the organizers and all participants. #PAY #AFRICANUNION #CERCLESOCIAL #RASPBERRYPI

Benefits of Children Using a Computer

There are several benefits that children can reap from using a computer.
- Academic Growth: Activities such as emailing can help improve children's writing abilities. Also, the internet provides a virtually infinite source of information for research.
- Communication: using social networks, children can stay in touch with friends and family. 

Raspberry Pi VS Arduino: What's the difference?

Before I begin, I must address that the Raspberry Pi is by far the better device in educational setting similar to the one in Benin. That being said, both devices have their pros and cons depending on what you hope to accomplish with your little computer.


So, what makes them different?

In a short and sweet explanation:

The New Raspberry Pi: What you need to know

Today the new Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, has just hit shelves for the same great 35$ price tag as before, but what’s new and improved?

In short, it’s faster, it has bluetooth, and it’s just as cheap.


These changes are short and sweet, yet very important.

The new Raspberry Pi is quoted as having, “10x the performance of Raspberry Pi 1” by Eben Upton, the founder of Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pwn: A Raspberry Pi Security Platform

Raspberry Pie is well known for its variety of uses in education, basic coding, and the Internet of Things. However, aside from being used to create security-monitoring systems, it has not been widely used for the use of security…as in cyber security. But things are changing. Pwnie Express, a company known for providing threat detection options for just about any wired wireless device you might find anywhere near your workplace. Guess what? Pwnie Express has come out with a penetration testing and security platform just for Raspberry Pi!


What language is the best?

You've got your brand new raspberry pi in the mail and you're about to plug it in when you realize that you've got a choice to make.

You've got to decide what programming language to learn before you start making your raspberry pi work for you.


Time and time again, novice programmers ask what language they should learn first.

It's a reasonable question to ask, but, as most novice programmers know, the programming community likes to give pretty unhelpful responses.

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